What cities can learn from human bodies (2018)

I had the opportunity to share my story at Oslo Urban Arena, a conference for innovative urban solutions. On stage, I discussed 'What cities can learn from human bodies', and the circular economic interventions we're working on to help cities develop in a more resilient way.


Towards the circular city: designing and planning urban ecosystems (2017)

Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is a platform which aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy. Currently, cities are governed by money and short term gains; they are not adaptive or resilient by design; and urban dwellers behave in unsustainable ways. In this talk, I discuss our vision for circular cities.

Using geospatial big data to inform the quality of nature-based solutions (2018)

In the lead-up to the ICLEI World Congress 2018, a series of webinars is kicking off the conversation on key urban sustainability topics. For the third webinar, “Innovative approaches to nature-based solutions”, I spoke about our latest developments with Green City Watch. My talk starts at 14.54.


Festivals are ideal testing grounds for the circular economy revolution (2017)

We need festivals, like DGTL, to experiment and test circular interventions. In this talk, I discuss the insights that can be used to also build more sustainable cities. Talk in Dutch, with English subtitles.

Material flow analysis: the key to achieving circularity (2017)

In this short knowledge clip, put together by students from the Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering master program (MSc MADE) at AMS Institute, I explain how Material Flow Analysis forms the backbone of our work at Metabolic.


Festivals and the circular economy (2018)

Yle Vega is Finland's largest, Swedish-speaking national public service channel for news, music and lifestyle. In this radio piece, I discuss music festivals as a potential testing ground for the circular economy. My part is from 03:47 onwards, you can listen on Soundcloud.

Tangled (2018)

Tangled is a podcast about improving social and economic systems by Julian de Lorenzo. Episodes feature discussions with experts in sustainability, the circular economy and related areas like biomimicry. For Episode 6, I had the opportunity to speak with Julian about improving cities through integrating natural systems into the urban fabric.