I love to talk about what I do on all kinds of stages, including at conferences, workshops and seminars. For speaking availability, please get in touch.


Keynote Speaker | Oslo Urban Arena
What cities can learn from human bodies

Keynote Speaker | ARTIS Royal Zoo
The Dutch Day of Sustainability: Long-term thinking and doing something now

Speaker | The School of House: ADE Green
Festivals are ideal testing grounds for the circular economy revolution (see video below)

Speaker | ICLEI World Congress 2018
Innovative approaches to nature-based solutions (see video below at 14.54)

Speaker |  Urban Future Global Conference
Session 1: Sustainable districts: how to develop them and making them successful
Session 2: Cities fast-track innovation through experimental zones
(in Vienna, Austria)

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Speaker | Pakhuis de Zwijger
The Circular City: exploring circularity on the Dutch Wadden Islands


Speaker | Dutch Circular Economy Week Metabolic Masterclass
Designing the circular cities of the future


Guest Lecturer | Tesla Minor, University of Amsterdam
The metabolic city

Guest Lecturer | Wageningen University and Research Centre
Circularity applications in post-industrial Amsterdam

Guest Lecturer | Leiden University
The circular economy: environmental innovation in cities

Moderator | Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival
Update Green Deal "Waste-Free Festivals"

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Speaker | AMS-Institute Knowledge Clip
Material Flow Analysis (see video below)

Speaker | Disruptive Innovation Festival
Towards the circular city: designing and planning urban ecosystems (see video below)

Speaker | Amsterdam DAM Prijs 2017
Metabolic, winner of Amsterdam's North-district, was a finalist for the Amsterdam DAM Prijs, which honours Amsterdam's sustainable entrepreneurs.

Speaker | ADE Green
Designing out waste: how to become a circular festival

“Still buzzing after an inspiring workshop by Nadine on the transformative power of urban experimentation and circular economy.”
— Dr. Flor Avelino (Assistant Professor Erasmus University)

Speaker | TIFE 2017
Circular innovation in the textiles sector
(in Taipei, Taiwan)

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Speaker | City of Taipei Delegation
Circular economics in post-industrial Amsterdam

Lecturer | ClimateKIC
De Ceuvel in the context of circular and sustainable urban development


Speaker | NBS Conference 2017
Why nature-based solutions and circular economics need each other in the built environment: the case of De Ceuvel
(in Tallinn, Estonia)


Guest Lecturer | TUDelft
Circularity in the city: what are the current challenges?


Speaker | AIWW Special Visit for Laura Tuck (World Bank’s Vice President for Sustainable Development)
Applying circular economics to sustainable urban development: the case of Amsterdam

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Expert Jury | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Circular economy in Amsterdam: pitches for a better future

Masterclass | Impact Hub, DRIFT and Transition Academy
Urban and regional metabolism approach and analysis

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Speaker | Taichung City Delegation
Circular urban development in Amsterdam North


Guest Lecturer | ClimateKIC
De Ceuvel in the context of circular and sustainable urban development

Expert Panel | 72andSunny
Bottom-up urban development in Buiksloterham

Moderator | Youth Food Movement
Sustainable food distribution in the Netherlands


Guest Lecturer | Wageningen University and Research Centre
Resilient cities are circular cities

Speaker | Impact Hub Amsterdam
Circular economics in Amsterdam

Speaker | Ruigoord
Root causes of unsustainability in the global food system

Guest Lecturer | Leiden University
Circular economy applications in the built environment

Speaker | SBRCURnet
How to develop circular performance indicator sets

Speaker | Water Alliance
The role of water in a circular economy