Green City Watch selected as one of the most inspiring startup solutions for the global energy transition

Green City Watch (formerly Global Green City Watch) was featured as one of 285 startup solutions for the global energy transition! Proud to be alongside so many great startups. Read the full book here.

From Startup Delta’s blog post:

Sustainable startups in the Netherlands are doing well. Never before has so much been invested in startups that offer solutions to accelerate the energy transition. This is evident from StartupDelta’s bid book Startup Solutions for the Energy Transition, published today containing the profiles of 285 green startups, in partnership with the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.

In 2014, energy startups raised 10.8 million euros in venture capital, and in 2017 that amount rose to 113 million euros. The number of investment rounds has also risen explosively in the past six years, from 2 in 2012 to 39 in 2017 and is expected to reach 52 in 2018.

According to Special Envoy of StartupDelta, Constantijn van Oranje, the figures show that the 285 ‘green’ startups that have been mapped out for the bid book are ‘playing an increasingly prominent role in promoting the energy transition’. “To achieve the climate targets and reduce the Netherlands’ CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030, we will need more radical innovations. Startups make that possible,” says Constantijn van Oranje.

The book contains a wide array of fascinating and innovative companies offering all kinds of forward-thinking solutions. Whether it’s the benefits of harvesting energy with high altitude kites or self-charging solar vehicles. The book also contains insights from 4 startups on the barriers that they face, and the governmental support needed to help them succeed. There’s definitely something new you can learn about the Dutch Startup Ecosystem and environmental solutions to the world’s biggest problems!

Bid book

The bid book and exploration of the energy-startup-ecosystem is a project of StartupDelta, in partnership with the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. StartupDelta and the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge are committed to bringing together ambitious climate goals and innovative startup solutions and to remove any obstacles. Constantijn van Oranje: “The book presents startups that can help meet the climate challenges, but their potential can only grow if they have enough investment and customers, but also government support. This is sometimes lacking in practice. Policy makers are often too unfamiliar with the potential of startups and sometimes even work against sustainable startups with their policies -unintentionally or unconsciously. With this book, we want to help close the gap.

Green Challenge(s), startup solutions

The book will be presented today during the meeting Green challenge(s), startup solutions to Mr. Diederik Samsom, Chairman of the Build environment Sector table (of the Climate Council). Various speakers, including Diederik Samsom, Director General Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Sandor Gaastra and various startups will give their views on how the Netherlands can achieve its climate goals and what challenges there are.