A brief history


I’m Nadine (“Na-di-neh”) and I explore the relationship between urban systems and the natural environment. Much of my research, ranging from circular economics to urban engineering, is viewed through an ecological lens (Joint-PhD candidate 2017-2021, University College Dublin & Trinity College Dublin).

I believe geospatial big data is crucial to renaturing cities. My first start-up, Observa Natura, provides actionable insights from space, for good on the ground. Its first product, Green City Watch, which analyses high-res satellite imagery to monitor the quality of urban green space, took home the first prize in DigitalGlobe’s prestigious competition.

At Metabolic, I map urban metabolisms and develop evidence-based interventions for sustainable cities and high-impact sectors. Across Europe, America, and Asia, I’ve given dozens of talks for academia and industry, and founded the world’s first summer school on circular cities.

My academic background is in ecology and evolutionary biology (BSc. Honours, University of Toronto) and earth sciences (MSc. cum laude, University of Amsterdam), with a specialisation in agro-ecological nutrient cycling and input-output models. For details, please see my LinkedIn.



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Some selected accolades


UvA Alumni Award, nominated for co-founding Green City Watch (2018)
VIVA400, annual list of 400 women who have been nominated for outstanding work in their field (2018)
DJ100, jury-selected list of 100 young, sustainability changemakers in the Netherlands (2018)

T500, list of Dutch digital top talents under 26 (2018)
Winner of DigitalGlobe’s GBDX for Sustainability Challenge, for Green City Watch (2018)
New Amsterdam Council, selected for the independent advisory board of 45 talented Amsterdam millennials chosen to provide advice to the real city council (2018)