Nadine explores the relationship between urban systems and the natural environment. Much of her research, ranging from circular economics to urban engineering, is viewed through an ecological lens (PhD candidate, 2017-2021).

Nadine believes geospatial big data is crucial to renaturing cities. Her first start-up, Observa Natura, provides actionable insights from space, for good on the ground. Its first product, Green City Watch, which analyses high-res satellite photos to monitor the quality of urban green space, took home the first prize in DigitalGlobe’s prestigious competition.

At Metabolic, Nadine maps urban metabolisms and develops evidence-based interventions for sustainable cities and high-impact sectors. Across Europe and Asia, she’s given dozens of talks for academia and industry, and co-founded the world’s first summer school on circular cities.

In 2018, Nadine was selected for the New Amsterdam Council, the DJ100 (jury-selected shortlist of Dutch sustainability pioneers), the VIVA400-award, and as a top digital talent under 26 by The Next Web. She was born in the Netherlands and raised in Canada.


Currently working on:



Educational Background


PhD. Ecological Engineering, joint degree (2017-2021)
University College Dublin (College of Engineering and Architecture, Spatial Dynamics Lab)
Trinity College Dublin
 (The School of Natural Sciences, Botany Department)
Research falls under Connecting Nature, a €12m five-year project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Innovation Action Programme, led by Trinity College Dublin.

MSc. Earth Sciencescum laude (2016)
University of Amsterdam (Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics)
Program combines geo-ecological sciences with interdisciplinary research.
+ Master thesis on macronutrient cycling of transitioning agroforestry ecosystems in southern Ethiopia at Wageningen University and Research Centre and Hawassa University
+ Internship on aquaponic systems at the circular urban development "De Ceuvel"
+ Fieldwork on biodiversity recovery on agricultural terraces in southern Tenerife
+ Summer school “Planning the Cycling City
+ Education board for MSc. Earth Sciences and secretary for GAOS Association

BSc. Life Scienceshonours (2014)
University of Toronto (Department of Earth Sciences)
Program covers the entire biological spectrum, from cell to global ecosystems.
+ Joint minor environmental biology at the National University of Singapore
+ Zoological assistant at Lee Kong Chain Natural History Research Centre
+ Fieldwork on physical and chemical parameters of lake ecosystems
+ Full scholarship ($5000,-) for summer school “Transboundary Water Conflict Resolution” at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Environmental science and urbanism writer at The Strand: U of T Student Newspaper

For more on my Master's thesis (macronutrient cycling of agroforestry systems), please check out my photoblog which documents my fieldwork in southern Ethiopia. Want to read all 111 pages? You can download the full text here.