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I’m Nadinè and I work at the nexus of cities, ecology, and technology. As a Joint-PhD Candidate in Ecological Engineering at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, I experiment with emerging technologies to apply the #InternetofNature. My PhD keeps me at the forefront of urban techno-ecological research.

In 2018, I co-founded Green City Watch with an incredibly bright group of people who are fanatically devoted to greening our planet with the latest advancements in remote sensing. We “take nature online” by drawing actionable insights from satellites, sensors, and drones, in near real-time.

I’ve delivered over 50 creative and engaging talks and keynotes across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Nothing gets me more excited than telling powerful stories to drive sustainable action.

I hold degrees in ecology and evolutionary biology (BSc. Honours) from the University of Toronto, with a minor from the National University of Singapore, and in earth sciences (MSc. cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam, with a thesis on agroecology input-output models at Wageningen University and the University of Hawassa (Ethiopia).

Most recently, I defined the #InternetofNature in my TEDx talk, developed #UrbanNatureAmsterdam: the city’s first green and blue map, and founded the world’s first intensive summer course on ‘circular cities’ at the University of Amsterdam, for which I still serve as Academic Director.

Up next: testing emerging technologies for urban forest and soil health at MIT's Senseable City Lab as a Fulbright Scholar. For details, please visit my LinkedIn.


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